About PolicyCrush

Face it. We all do it — we look at our smartphones and tablets even before our first sip of coffee to learn what we need to know for the day. Information matters and getting a leg up on what is important matters even more.

But there is too much information out there. Hundreds of health policy announcements come out every day, and it is very difficult to know which ones end up being relevant.

And even with all that information, you can still miss that important document, the one that really matters to your strategy, because it didn’t get covered by the big news outlets.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a daily email that told you what you need to know and delivered to your inbox before your first cup of coffee?

That is what PolicyCrush is all about.

Benefits and Features

PolicyCrush is a daily email report that provides subscribers with the top health policy developments from the previous 24 hours. The report covers the hottest topics in health policy including the U.S. Congress and the Administration, Health Insurance, Health Information Technology, Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program, Medicare, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, and Quality and Innovation.

We use a proprietary search process to obtain and alert you to difficult-to-find federal government announcements and little-reported analytical pieces from think tanks, stakeholders and policy influencers. Subscribers include health care providers and companies across the country, law firms and lobbying shops, trade associations, and health care consulting firms.

PolicyCrush. Fast, reliable access to what matters most in health care. Policy Access Simplified.